Why are likes so important on Instagram? Why are people constantly chasing that digital little thumbs-up button? What does having more likes on our posts have to do with us as internet marketers?

These are some very good questions, and they all have a simple answer. The fact is, that likes help drive your engagement, and they really help to show you what is working in your social media endeavors. These are important for several reasons. If you don’t have any likes, you might have zero exposure, and zero exposure means that all the people on Instagram aren’t able to engage with your brand.

Instagram is, after all, the second biggest social network in the world, with a staggering one billion people using Instagram every month. That is a huge number, and it puts Instagram just behind its parent company, Facebook, in terms of numbers of users per month. That means that for every niche, there is the chance of marketing to millions of people.

And guess what?

Those millions of people love to see likes on pages they follow. They want to feel like they’re part of a movement. They want to feel like they are a part of something bigger. They will gladly express their love of good content by hitting the like button on posts they enjoy. Instagram users can be a passionate bunch, and they are sure to express that passion in the comments section and by smashing the like button.

It’s important for you as a digital marketer to recognize the importance of capitalizing on Instagram users’ passion for great content. You don’t want to just be a part of the latest movement–you want to inspire it. This is how you can achieve virality and huge engagement on Instagram.

So, just why are likes so important? Let’s find out together, dissecting the importance of likes and engagement, and how you can leverage these things to grow and expand your business online.

When you learn some of the basics about how Instagram likes work, you’ll be ready to take on the masses with your engaging content, and market to the millions of potential customers that are right under your nose.

Likes Provide Easy Social Proof

Social proof is important for any online business to have. Social proof is an important driver that can help out your brand’s credibility. Everyone loves it when they can identify with and follow something they feel is credible in their niche.

When you have a high number of likes, it gives off the impression that your page is an authority source in your niche. It also puts on display the fact that you have a large following and you know what you’re talking about.

Likes Can Motivate You to Continue to Post Great Content

Likes are also a huge motivational factor to help you continue to want to post great content on Instagram. There is something to be said for that good feeling you get when one of your posts gets a lot of attention and engagement. It makes you feel great knowing so many people are enjoying what you have to say.

It is important for you to be motivated to keep posting fun, engaging content for your followers and fans on Instagram. When the likes come pouring in on your posts, you will know folks are enjoying your content and all those likes signify you’re doing something right. Keep it up, and even more, likes will come pouring in.

Likes Can Motivate Others to Follow You

While likes are great to show off your credibility to people who are already following your content, it can also show people just discovering your brand that you’re an important name in your niche. When a new set of eyes on your posts see high numbers of likes, they will trust your page as an authoritative source in your niche and you will gain more followers.

New followers can come as a direct result of the number of likes and engagements you get on your posts. Higher numbers of likes, as well as followers, help to further establish your brand as a big name. When you’ve seen as a credible, authoritative source, your sales will increase as you grow a rabid fanbase eager to buy your product and talk about you online.

Likes Capture More Sets of Eyes

The goal of any internet marketer using Instagram to grow their online footprint should be to show up everywhere they possibly can on the platform. High numbers of likes can help boost your visibility on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm dictates what it deems worthy to be seen by more people by how many likes and engagements it gets. This is why some posts show up at the top of hashtag searches and in Instagram’s Featured section. This is a huge deal for attracting organic traffic to your page.

If you can get a lot of likes, which in turn can bring more followers, you can up your chances of gaining added exposure by topping search results and maybe getting featured. Virality is a quick way to attract more traffic and more potential customers.

So, Just How Can I Grow My Likes?

It’s not as difficult as you think. You can use hashtags to put your content in front of people searching for that niche. You can make engaging content that encourages people to like, follow, and interact, or you can even purchase likes to boost your page quickly.

  • Hashtags: Hashtags are an easy way to put your direction in front of the eyes that are already looking for it. Millions of people search for popular hashtags every day. Put your posts right in front of those people with the right hashtags. 
  • Make content that counts: Engaging content makes people want to follow your page. Engaged followers will like your posts, and high numbers of likes on engaging posts will encourage others to do the same.
  • Purchase post likes: Likes can also be purchased, and it’s a quick way to boost the numbers on any post on your account. There are all kinds of legitimate social companies out there delivering high-quality likes to Instagram accounts, like Buzzoid. When you buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid, likes start pouring in within seconds from real accounts, boosting engagement and the perception of your post. What’s more? Buzzoid operates in Brazil, the Netherlands, and even Germany, meaning there are no geographic restrictions on those looking to get their share of social fame.  You can do research on reputable names and decide on a company that can provide you likes in an instant.

No matter which route you choose to grow your likes and engagement on Instagram, it is important to keep in mind that you always want to provide quality content. Don’t focus too much on promotional posts. If you post quality information and content for your niche that attracts followers, they will spread the word for you.