Hashtags are quickly becoming the index of social media. You can’t go on Twitter or Instagram nowadays without seeing multiple hashtags littered all over a post. They’re not just there for looks, these tags are what users search for when looking for content related to the tag.

Hashtags, when used correctly, can be a brilliant way for marketers to get free, organic traffic, and can even serve as free advertising. Hashtags enable you to put your content in front of the people already searching for it. Talk about a great tool that you can use to gain more followers! More followers that are interested in your niche can even translate into leads, which can then become customers.

Hashtags can truly be a boon to digital strategists and entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and make more people aware of their brand. Let’s go over some of the ways that you can master the art of the hashtag, and get people all over the world interested in what you’re doing.

#Creating Memorable Tags

When it comes to hashtagging, you want to make sure you get a few steps right. You want to make sure your tags are memorable, not littered all over your posts, and relevant to the content in the post. Here are a few steps you can take to properly create hashtags for your content:

  • Make them memorable. Make your hashtags creative and easy to remember. The more memorable they are, the more potential followers will come flocking back to your posts, time after time.
  • Capitalize each word in the tag. Make sure to capitalize every word in your hashtag, so that they are easily readable and don’t look like a random string of text. For example, if your hashtag is #MySkinCareRoutine, make sure it doesn’t look like #myskincareroutine.
  • Use only a few words per hashtag. No one wants to read a whole sentence in a hashtag. Keep it to a few words. This increases readability as well as making it memorable. Your goal is to catch and to keep your readers’ attention, and making a post filled with long tags is a sure way to turn them off to your content.
  • Don’t litter the post with hashtags. Hashtags are highly effective in getting attention to your content, but filling the post with hashtags is not the best way to keep that attention. Studies have shown that Twitter postings with more than two hashtags lost 17% in engagement when compared to posts using only two tags. Research your hashtags thoroughly to make sure you are using the perfect tags for your audience, and refine your approach as you go if necessary.

#Boosting Engagement Using Hashtags

As a brand, you can be empowered to create hashtags and encourage your followers to use them in their Tweets. This will allow you to see what people are saying about your brand, and also enable you to react accordingly. You can like or retweet their posts, and respond to them, whether it’s a complaint or praise, being proactive in your customer community can help boost your engagement, setting you apart as a brand that cares about its customers!

#Broaden Your Reach and Gain Organic Traffic with Hashtags

Not only can you use hashtags to be creative with your audience and boost your engagement, you can also use them to gain free, organic traffic, effectively using hashtags as free advertising.

You can begin by researching hashtags relevant to your brand. You can even use trending hashtags that thousands of people are already using. By incorporating popular tags into your posts, you can reach thousands of potential leads for free and provide them the content that they are already looking for.

You could post a Tweet with some helpful content, or even a video, and include a call to action in the post. The call to action could be a link to your website, other social pages, or sales funnels. Users clicking through to your call to action will provide you organic traffic, and hopefully even be useful for driving sales.

For an added bonus, you could use Twitter’s Promoted Ads to boost a Tweet with trending tags and a call to action to get your Tweet in front of even more people that may already be interested in it! Promoted Tweets can help you reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of people.

#Start Tagging Today

Hashtags are a great tool to use in your marketing. When people are already searching for specific tags, incorporating them into your posts is just another way to reach people that can be turned into potential leads, and later, paying customers! Not many free tools enable you such reach. If you haven’t already, click here to read our ultimate guide to Twitter marketing.