Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are often considered to be the ‘holy trinity’ of social media marketing. Building an online presence and making yourself stand out is important for the success of any business, but this is especially true for businesses – like many CBD oil brands – that rely almost entirely on e-commerce. In short, a successful online platform directly translates into a successful online business.

However, a lot of businesses somewhat neglect their digital marketing strategy – assuming their mere presence on social media alone is enough for success. But, just being on Twitter isn’t enough – it is vital to utilize it in the best possible way, especially for CBD companies that rely on an international audience. So, if you can’t tell your tweets from your hashtags, you’ve come to the right place!

Setting Up & Making Your Mark

Firstly, because CBD companies have different legal statuses in some states, it is useful to ensure your profile for a start is age-restricted so that your businesses and products can only be seen by an age-appropriate audience. This is a useful step to take because it lessens your chances of being flagged by Twitter and having your account potentially banned and suspended due to some of their algorithms! Another important way to protect your account is to put your CBD license in your bio where it’s visible, showing that you have the legal right to sell CBD.

When making your Twitter account, brand identity is fundamental: users are much more likely to follow and purchase products from a polished-looking profile rather than one that looks unfinished. Make sure your profile picture is a high-resolution logo of your business whilst your cover photo is related to some of the products you sell – perhaps a range of the different types/sizes of CBD products you sell. If possible, make sure your Twitter handle is either the same – or as close as possible – to your Instagram and Facebook ones, so your audience from other social networks can find your business.

Make sure that your other social media handles, contact details and website are all included in your Twitter bio. It would also be useful to include a short description of your business as well as explaining its USP (unique selling point) and how it stands out from other CBD companies.

Tailor Your Approach

It’s important to realize Twitter’s unique selling point compared to other social media platforms and, most vitally, to understand how your audience uses Twitter.

Whilst Instagram is more visual, and Facebook has more detailed information, Twitter’s strict 280-character limit encourages users to use their words wisely and get right to the point. A common mistake many brands make on Twitter is just copy-pasting the exact same information on different platforms when, really, what they need to do in order to maximize their audience is to tailor their approach.

Engaging Your Audience

As mentioned, Twitter has a 280-character limit which means that every word counts. Imagine Tweets as being like a newspaper headline: your goal is to use keywords and an engaging tone in a very limited space in order to draw your audience in and encourage them to investigate further.

With Twitter being full of bite-sized information, you should also encourage people to stop scrolling and pay attention by making your posts as interactive and visual as possible, using interesting pictures, interactive polls and short social videos explaining more about your product. As with any business, your success relies on differentiating yourself and standing out, and a combination of interesting keywords and visually engaging imagery and interactive content.

Although it is good to consistently link to the same website (use so you can track visitors) and use the same kind of hashtags and keywords, it is equally as important to produce original content that is interesting as well as sales-driven. Users are more likely to engage with a tweet linking to an original and interesting blog post about CBD than just a generic link encouraging you to buy their products.

Twitter is also a great platform to network with both consumers and influencers. If a customer tweets about your product, don’t be afraid to interact with them and start a dialogue. The same especially goes for Twitter influencers who focus on CBD products – if you tweet them, retweet their posts and generally engage in a positive conversation with them, that could turn to a mutually-beneficial working relationship where they can help promote your products.

Giveaways are also a great way to not only get your name out there but also to help develop a huge amount of traffic to your Twitter page in a short amount of time! Just post a picture of the product(s) you want to give away and instruct people to follow and retweet for a chance of winning. You’ll see your following grow organically in no time!

SEO and Hashtags

On Twitter, it is good to use some of that character space to link to your products on sale or to a blog post explaining the benefits of CBD. SEO (search engine optimization) is also more vital than ever on Twitter, so make sure to choose keywords and hashtags wisely – the more specific than better! Rather than just Tweeting about “CBD” for example, you could mention “[Brandname] CBD Oil” – this tells people not only about CBD but in what format it comes in and what brands sell it.

Speaking of hashtags, it is useful to not only generate your own brand name hashtag but also to ensure that each post includes hashtags of important keywords like #CBD, #Cannabis #Hemp. Hashtags help your products trend on Twitter and are extremely important for SEO, as hashtags specifically are how Twitter can help users find related trending topics.

You should also pay close attention to what is trending on Twitter and see how you can relate it to your products and services. For example, if #StressManagement is trending, it’s a good opportunity to talk about how CBD can relieve stress and anxiety.

Utilize Social Media Management Platforms

If you want to stay ahead of the game – especially in a growing and competitive market like CBD – it can be useful to use social media management programs like TweetDeck and Buffer to help you plan and maximize your posts and impact.

As well as these programs having built-in analytics which shows you peak posting times when people are most active on social media, they also allow you to schedule tweets to be uploaded later on, allowing you to space out your content during these peak times. Social media is ever-changing and can’t be managed by one person alone. With these platforms, you will be well-informed and able to keep up!