Twitter already has a great system baked right in for advertising and marketing, promoting posts to a large audience so you can get your content in front of people who are most likely to be interested in it. There is even the Promote Mode, where, for a fee, you gain Promoted Account status and get 10 off your Tweets boosted every single day.

While these built-in tools are great for most people, some marketers want even more insight into their processes. There a cornucopia of third-party tools available to just that, from analytics and reporting, engagement, and full-blown automation tools, there is no shortage of things you can choose from to help you level up your Twitter marketing game.

Let’s take a look at a few of the popular third-party tools out there, and identify how they can help you. These tools can complement your existing strategies and boost your workflow.


RiteTag is a tool that really comes in handy for the hash taggers out there. It can provide suggestions for the best hashtags for your Tweets. All you have to do is provide the software some text or a photo, and it will provide hashtags based on the content.

It can identify engaging and trending hashtags, too. Much like Twitter’s native feature, it will suggest hashtags for your content, but will also offer deeper details. Some of this insightful information is the potential reach of your Tweet, as well as how many Tweets per hour there are for that particular tag.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a bit of a one-stop-shop for businesses who utilize Twitter marketing. Some of the helpful features it provides are:

  • Smart Inbox. This feature finds your account’s Twitter mentions, retweets, newest followers, even keywords, and consolidates them into one place. You are also given the ability to add templates for quick replies or frequently asked questions.
  • The ViralPost feature will analyze your Tweet engagement and identify the best times to send them. If you choose to send them at the suggested times, you can add them to the Queue and ViralPost will tweet them out automatically at the scheduled time.
  • Every business owner loves to know the in-depth details of how things are operating, and how they stack up against the competition. Sprout Social can give you performance comparisons with your competition, which you can filter based on different sets of data. You can generate reports anytime you wish, and export them easily as a CSV file or PDF.


Tweriod is a free tool. It will take up to 1000 of your followers, analyze them, and generate a report that compares your Tweets to that of your followers, ultimately providing you with a time that is optimal for you to send out Tweets.


TrendsMap is a handy tool that shows you what’s trending all over the world. It also provides a history of trends from the past week. Some of the things it will show are users, hashtags, and keywords. The map will even adjust the data as you move around, such as zooming into a city or moving the cursor to another country.

If you click on trending topics, you’ll be shown graphs on how they have performed, as well as the top Tweets for that topic in the period specified. One more fun and free feature in TrendsMap is the ability to see analyses on the top 1000 Twitter users. You’ll be given insights like popular accounts’ main Tweeting times and the type of content they’re into.

Most TrendsMap features are free, but a few of the advantages of a paid plan grant you the ability to get alerts for specified topics, more in-depth Twitter history searches, or visualizing and graphing almost any topic. is a complete automation tool for Twitter, integrating with your account and allowing you to auto-post media and schedule future Tweets. All you have to do on your part is hook up RSS feeds to your social profile. will take care of the rest.

You can create media-rich Tweets, Tweets full of content, or whatever else you can imagine, and sketch it out. After that, you just load your Tweets up into’s queue and the automation tool will take care of automatically posting them at whatever time you schedule.

Automate and Analyze

These tools can all be helpful in gaining insight into your marketing as well as automating a big part of it. These tools can come in handy on their own, or you could combine them together for even more fun and automation in your digital marketing strategies. If you have been looking for some tools to spice up your game on Twitter, some of these may just be of use to you.